New Taxpayer Coalition Grades Calgary Mayor and Aldermen

News Release

New Taxpayer Coalition Grades Calgary Mayor and Aldermen

Calgary – June 15, 2009: Today, a new coalition of organizations representing Calgary taxpayers have joined forces to grade the Mayor and Aldermen on how well each have done in defending the interests of taxpayers.

The Coalition for Property Tax Fairness has released its first Calgary Municipal Report Card based on four criteria: Taxpayer-friendly voting record, office budget management, initiative in policy making, as well as proactive stakeholder engagement and responsiveness.

The grades reinforce the Coalition’s desire to improve fiscal accountability and transparency at city hall. The majority of Council received a grade of less than C+, reflecting a need for our elected officials to refocus their efforts on the best interests of all taxpayers.

Bill Partridge, Executive Vice President, BOMA states “Every person at every level of service deserves a performance review.  It is an appropriate opportunity to receive feedback, and reflect on ways to enhance or improve what you do to better meet the needs of those you serve. Council has a difficult and diverse job to perform, and it is fitting at this mid-term point that taxpayers provide our elected officials with an objective assessment of their performance.  Taxpayers after all deserve the very best from their Council.”

A 2009 survey of Calgary Chamber of Commerce members indicated that fiscal management and accountability of Calgary City Council is a top business priority. “Through participation in the Coalition, the Chamber hopes to increase awareness about important fiscal decisions occurring in Council,” says Geoff Pradella, Vice-President of Public & Government Affairs with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. “This scorecard will be a useful tool in assessing how effectively Council is spending Calgarians’ tax dollars.”

“Our small business members are growing increasingly frustrated with the direction of this Council. From excessive spending to increasing taxes and a lack of movement on the extra business tax, small business owners are looking for more. In fact, according to a recent CFIB survey, 70 per cent of our members in Calgary are concerned about the cost of local government – the highest of any major municipality in Alberta. Hopefully, this objective review will be a wake-up call to the Mayor and Aldermen on the importance of defending the interests of small business owners and taxpayers in the remainder of their term”, said Janine Halbesma, CFIB’s Acting Alberta Director.


2 Responses to “New Taxpayer Coalition Grades Calgary Mayor and Aldermen”

  1. 1 Carl Braun
    June 16, 2009 at 12:00 am

    If I understand this correctly, this coalition is something that has been needed since Adam and Eve. In my opinion the very first endeavor would be to get rid of the ridiculous mill rate system for taxation of property. Has that been given any consideration? You think Calgary has some boneheads? Come and live in Lethbridge for a spell. Carl

  2. 2 JD
    June 16, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    A vote against delaying PlanIt is pro-taxpayer? Really? While Developers may not enjoy density, the real tax payer, Joe public will see the benefits of increased density and a greater tax base to support civic operations. Stall tactics work towards an inefficient and ineffective council that fails to move forward to address the real strain on city coffers… sprawl.

    How can your report propose to support the average taxpayer when you want to kill such an important opportunity to save taxpayer dollars? Maybe because you really only care about the pocketbooks of your own members and not the well-being of this city and its citizens.

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